Full nut and bolt rebuild .Full engine rebuild . This is a matching numbers UK bike .Not a import . All correct Kenny Roberts paint job . This must be the best RD on the market . Its all so a great.

The Yamaha RD350LC was a two-stroke motorcycle produced by Yamaha between 1980 and 1983.. Although it immediately succeeded the larger RD400, the RD350LC was powered by a smaller 347cc parallel twin two-stroke engine which actually had the same bore and stroke as the older RD350 (64 x 54mm). However, Yamaha added liquid cooling and made other modifications in porting and exhaust to comply with.

The RD350 is a two-stroke motorcycle produced by Yamaha from 1973 to 1975. It evolved directly from the piston port (pre-reed valve intake tract), front drum-braked, five-speed Yamaha 350 cc "R5".. The engine is an air-cooled, parallel twin, six-speed (in some markets, such as the UK, the first model was sold in five-speed form), reed valve-equipped intake tract two-stroke engine.

RD350/400 EXPANSION CHAMBERS . Spec II’s expansion chambers were first conceived in 1974. Through the years, they have done duty on Championship-winning RDs and street-going Cafe RDs. All the while, they have been benefiting from a steady program of refinement.

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YAMAHA RD350 RD 350 PISTON CONNECTING ROD bearing washer kit long brand JAPAN. $62.70 $ 62. 70. $4.99 shipping. 4 Units cush drive rubber rear wheel damper Yamaha Rd350 Motorcycle. $16.00 $ 16. 00. .99 shipping. National Cycle N25001 Street Shield for 7/8-1in. Handlebars – 17in.

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3,75,000 1985 – 1000 Km Yamaha RD350.mint condition.all paper clear retest done tax up to 2030

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Contrary to popular opinion, there’s no evidence supporting the idea that the "RD" in the Yamaha RD350 model designation stands for "Race Derived" – but race derived it certainly was. Yamaha jumped into racing in Japan as soon as its first motorcycle, the 1955 125cc YA-1 "Red Dragon.

Riding the comeback tide in India, Yamaha India has uncovered its plans to increase the number of dealers and after-sales service network in India. This will be key to the company’s future offerings..

Harshan believes that the Yamaha RD350 is no easy beast to tame. He says you need some inner strength to bring it under your command. The life of Aluva-based Harshan, his ‘Wild Wheels’ garage, and.