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bolt world Biography. By 2001 Bolt became a known commodity and he sent signals that he would be a world beater in early 2002 when he cruised to a hand timed 20.3 seconds to win the 200m at Western Champs finals at Catherine Hall.light up dust caps I want to get some new tyre valve caps as 2 of the caps are missing. Someone mentioned you can get some LED once which light up when the car is in motion but switch off when standing still. Ive found them on Amazon and i think theyd look quite nice, but ive never seen anyone use them. Are they le.

It is available to pre-order via the Indiegogo crowdfunding website. This smart motorcycle helmet has a wide-angle camera at the back and a built-in head-up display so the rider can see what’s going.

The new Video Head camera helmet pulls the action camera off its Teletubby-like perch on top of the helmet and slides it inside, where it’s easier to access and less likely to get caught on a tree.

Riders have been advised to fight fines for having a camera stuck to their helmet in the wake of a crackdown on helmet cams in NSW. The stokmans’ harleys harley fat bob rider Chris Stokman, 54, of the ACT, was one of those fined $311 and 3 demerit points last week by NSW Highway Patrol between.

Motorcycle Cam Selection. Thinking about doing a STAGE 2 upgrade for your motorcycle? If so than one of the things you’ll probably be upgrading are your camshafts. There are a lot of options out there and it can be difficult to decide exactly what is best for your particular application. This article will help guide you in making that selection.

 · How hard is it to remove and replace a Harley Twin Cam 96" front cylinder head? I twisted off the exhaust stud and have not been able to drill it out and rethread it so I suspect I need to bite the bullet and replace my front cylinder head. I’m not a mechanic, but I.

Motorcyclist Jesse Lopez was rounding a blind curve in Southern California when he would up right in the path of an oncoming fire truck.

In fact GoPro sent me these e-mail messages in regards to microphones: "Most of the time if a microphone has the ability to draw internal power from the camera, it will try to do so and stop drawing power from the battery. The problem with this is the camera itself has about around a 2 volt supply coming from the external microphone input.

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Twin Cam Headwork: From mild to wild, end result is a high quality pair of heads that will significantly improve the performance of your motorcycle without costing you a fortune. The nrhs stage 1 CNC twin cam heads are proof that big performance doesn’t have to carry a big price tag! Stage 1.