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m12 thread dimensions M10 Size english/ metric bolt substitution table equivalent metric bolt substitution – astm grade bolt sizes f – 568 class 4.6 f – 568 class 8.8 f – 588 class 8.8.3 f – 568 class 9.8 f – 568 class 10.9 a – 325m type 1 or 2 a – 325m type metric english 3 (mm) (inches) hole diam (mm) english – astm grade specified a – 449 type 1 a – 354 grade bdMetric Threads. There are two kinds of ISO metric threads: coarse and fine. The ISO metric thread profile and proportions are as follows: Metric Thread Pitch and Tapping Sizes

A bolt with a circular ring on the head end. Used for attaching a rope or chain. J-Bolts Shoulder Bolts J shaped bolts are used for tie-downs or as an open eye bolt. Shoulder bolts (also known as stripper bolts) are used to create a pivot point. Elevator Bolts Elevator bolts are often used in conveyor systems. They have a large, flat head.

A torque-monster Chevrolet big-block with simple bolt. size, which strengthens the block (not possible on later-model blocks). A good indication that the Mark IV is preferred is that Dart bases.

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Fortunately, it felt almost no different than using the Elemnt Bolt I’m used to. The larger display is easier to read, and while the overall size of the unit is bulkier than the Elemnt Bolt, I didn’t.

Ordering AN bolts can be confusing because the sizing is so different from SAE graded bolts. AN bolts are identified by grip length (not shank.

Bolt Thread Sizes. The thread equations given previously for tensile stress area and for minor area were used in constructing the table. The thread size designation for metric thread is given as "M [dia] x [pitch]". For example, a thread with a nominal diameter of 6 mm and a pitch of 1 mm is designated as "M6 x 1.".

The "M" designates the bolt is Metric and the number after the M indicates the size. The number after that is the length. The number after that is the thread pitch. eg: M10 x 40 x 1.25. In this example the bolt is 10 mm in diameter, 40 mm long, and the threads are 1.25 mm apart.

Threaded Bolt Stress Area – Threaded bolts tensile stress area; UNC and UNF – Unified Inch Screw Threads – ansi/asme b1.1 unified National Thread – UNC Coarse series and UNF Fine series ; US Bolts – Head and Wrench Sizes – Hex Bolt, Lag Bolt, Square Bolt and Heavy Hex Bolt

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