aluminium spacers

The anodized coating on these lightweight spacers provides increased abrasion resistance over uncoated aluminum. Made-to-Order Unthreaded Spacers Choose the OD, ID, length, and material and we will accommodate your unique spacer needs.

Standard Aluminum Spacers Standard Aluminum Profile (8mm) RAMAPO’s spacer and muntin products are produced by the world’s largest manufacturer specializing in lineal IG components. The products offer the ultimate in high performance in both automated and manual operations.

High quality, custom made aluminum spacers. They are great at making sturdy standoffs/spacers for your projects. The spacer has a 5mm ID to give a thicker.

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KRC Aluminum spacers. krc offers a nice selection of machined spacers in a variety of sizes. They can be used as replacement spacers for your current KRC product or for applications that require you to adjust spacing of brackets for proper pulley alignment.

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Wheel spacers widen your car’s wheelbase, improving grip, handling, and precision. Developed in a special aluminum alloy through an innovative forging technology, afterwards they are wrought with CNC machine. Special Aluminum Alloy Forged and Heat treated for Ultimate strength $50.00 – $350.00

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A Spacer is a fastener that is used A Spacer is a fastener that is used to create space between two objects often to properly position them. In the world of electronic components and electronic hardware spacers are typically used to space circuit boards panels doors or gears. Spacers have no interior threading and come in a variety.

Aluminum spacers are one of the most widely used types of spacer available. Due to a unique combination of benefits, it would be hard to find a more useful type of spacer. Here are five things you never knew about aluminum spacers.

Moreover, escalating energy prices and rising customer affinity toward energy-efficient products will raise the market.

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Spacers Boker's is a metal stamping manufacturer of aluminum spacers. Spacers made from aluminum or aluminum alloy provide a much lighter material and.

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